2015 Spring Catalog

Friday, September 04, 2015

Designer Spotlight - Joel Dewberry

September is all about another great FreeSpirit designer - Joel Dewberry! Along with being incredibly down to earth and kind, he also loves to create beautiful, eclectic modern fabrics that are perfect for just about anything you might want to create with fabric. 

We paid him a visit in late August to pick his brain and are excited to share with you what we found throughout the month.

The view from Joel's home studio.
But first, a bit about Joel's background! 

In 2000, Joel graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from Brigham Young University. During his studies there he cultivate an appreciation and love of all things tactile. Following his design training, he pursued a brilliantly exciting career in brand development and corporate identity in the Northwestern United States. His attention to detail, quality craftsmanship and respect for design antiquity posed him as an outstanding talent among his peers. After acquiring more than 10 years of brand development experience in a wide variety of industries including the home and textile market, Joel realized his ultimate reward by launching his own textiles brand, Joel Dewberry Eclectic Modern, in May 2007. 

Sneak peek of Joel on-set.
As a prolific designer, artist and craftsman, Joel is thrilled to express his passion for design on the medium of fabric. Joel's superb sense of harmonizing an eclectic mix of design styles into a cohesive collection has drawn him respect and attention as it delivers a modern yet timeless style. 

Website - joeldewberry.com
So, stay tuned for giveaways, videos, and great posts about one of your favorite designers and don't forget to check our Facebook and YouTube pages, along with our Instagram page, for more great stuff about Joel! #DesignerSpotlight #iamafreespirit 

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Designer Spotlight - FreeSpirit Presents New Bedford by Denyse Schmidt

We visited Denyse at her studio in Bridgeport, CT during a steamy week in July to talk with her about her newest fabric collection for FreeSpirit called New Bedford. We'll be sharing the videos later this month, until then, keep reading to learn all about the inspiration behind the collection. 

A glimpse of the New Bedford collection spread out for handmade bundles on Denyse's work table.
New Bedford is inspired by the romance and adventure of 19th century sea-faring life, with a touch of 20th century seaside summer fun! New Bedford evokes a slow stroll on cobblestone streets, salty air, a favorite iced treat, and a quilt on a bed in a room with a view. 

Nine enchanting patterns in three refreshing color-ways  – sun, sea, and sorbet – will transport you to a time and place of limitless possibilities. Embark on your own creative adventure – billowing curtains, flirty skirts, captivating quilts or elegant dresses – New Bedford is as versatile as your own imagination!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Designer Spotlight - See Denyse on YouTube

Remember how we mentioned that video shoot with Denyse in our last post? Well the video's are all finished and ready for watching!

Listen and watch as Denyse talks about her inspiration process, her newest collection for FreeSpirit called New Bedford, and why she is a FreeSpirit. 

Don't forget to leave a comment on our 10 Fun Facts post telling us what you have in common with Denyse to be entered to win 10 yards of New Bedford fabric!

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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Did You Know.... 10 Facts about Denyse Schmidt

We had Denyse share 10 fun facts about herself with us and are excited for you to take a peek!

The contest is now closed. Congratulations Tonya Ricucci for winning 10 yards of Denyse Schmidt's New Bedford fabric!

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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Designer Spotlight - Denyse Schmidt

FreeSpirit designer Denyse Schmidt, hailed as the mother of modern quilting, is our featured designer this month.

Denyse grew up in central Massachusetts around many old textile mill towns, a setting that is embedded in her inspiration today. Her parents were both makers, with her mother sewing clothing for four kids and her father making furniture; this spirit is embedded in her and Denyse started making things when she was little and has never stopped. 

A former graphic designer and graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, Denyse Schmidt has helped to change the way we think about quilts. Intrigued by the rich historical nature of quilts and inspired by beauty born of necessity, Denyse adds her distinctive aesthetic sensibility – clean, spare lines, rich colour and bold graphics – to this rich art form. 

Though firmly rooted in the techniques of American quilt-making, Denyse Schmidt is renowned for her fresh, offbeat approach to design and colour and has won acclaim from the worlds of art, design and craft. As author of Denyse Schmidt Quilts (Chronicle Books, 2005) and Modern Quilts, Traditional Inspiration (STC Craft, 2012); fabric designer for FreeSpirit and Fabric Traditions; and teacher of a series of popular improvisational patchwork piecing workshops; Denyse continues to inspire with her witty take on tradition. Denyse’s studio is located in a historic factory building in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

View from the second story of the historic factory building where Denyse's studio is located.
Keep an eye on the blog and our Facebook and Instagram pages for great content from Denyse all month long. And be sure to watch out for giveaways as well!

And if you want to see more from Denyse herself, be sure to follow her on her social accounts!
Instagram - https://instagram.com/dsquilts 
Facebook - www.facebook.com/DenyseSchmidtQuilts
Website - http://dsquilts.com/

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